Facial Treatments

The A Star Facial treatment procedure is our signature approach to the recovery and repair of the skin. There’s no better way to pamper yourself and get some much-needed relaxation. A facial has benefits which are aesthetic as well as psychological. Not only does it improve the look of the skin, but it also takes that back-breaking stress off your shoulders. We customize our facials each and every time to address the individual needs and expectations. The facial treatment procedures can be performed in 30 and 45 minute services. Each service begins with a consultation. . We do the skin analysis to select the appropriate products to use and to decide what type of facial to perform. Our facials help our guest transition from a state of deep relaxation to a state of wakefulness ready to emerge back into the outside world.
What’s your skin type?
The skin type will be kept in mind while selecting a facial. We will analyse the skin and suggest the treatment that’s suitable for a particular skin type — oily, dry, normal and combination.
All facial treatments include cleans, tone, exfoliator, steam, blackhead removal, massage and mask.

“Nu Skin is revolutionizing the health and beauty industries with products that offer comprehensive anti-aging solutions.”
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The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment (60 min) & Massage
Includes Dermalogica facial along with shoulder and neck massage.
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